Norbar Manual Torque Multipliers

Available for both purchase and hire.

Norbar Torque Multipliers for Industry. Norbar Torque Multipliers offer a long tradition of reliability and quality. Torque multiplier tools are popular for applications where power is not available. The torque Multipliers offer an economical alterative to hydraulic or air driven nut runners. Hand torque multipliers offer several geared ratios, torque ranges and square drives. 

Part No. Model Ratio Input Drive Output Square Torque Max Ft Lbs Torque Max NM Weight (KG)
H-90221 HT3 2700 5:01 3/4″ Female 1″ 2000 2700 3.8
H-90021-1 HT4/26 26:01:00 1/2″ 1″ 3300 4500 8.9
H-90021-2 60/125 125:01:00 1/2″ 1 1/2″ 4400 6000 12.1

Torque Multipliers to be used with hand torque wrenches.

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